Serving, by contract, both international private equity funds and private companies in order to expand and connect them to obtain capital for their plans whether is expansion, merger, sale, acquisitions and/or Association in any stage.

We do not engage in raising capital or exchanging values


MISSION OF ADB: to be architects in the commercialization, the expansion and in the closing process whether the mandate is a sell-side (company or project) or buy-side contract  (Investment fund).


OUR ROAD SHEET 2018-2025

ADB COVERAGE: Under our coverage in the Americas, we have trained brokers and dealers who are experts in economics, finance, engineering and marketing; each Project is reviewed in detail by analyzing its financial balances and the need of each company to make the decision before taking it to the board in Orlando, Fl.


SELF-DETERMINATION IN ADB: the decisions we make are made by the board of ADB; We review all of the projects, presented by our (brokers and dealers) for each company, with the owners, their attorneys and C-suite Team. Our response back whether or not we continue with the projects is within 15 days, once we have studied the project.


DEMAND IN ADB: Every day, our partners and ADB, go out shopping and become creative, insistence, persistence, resistance and we never give up until we obtain that company or treasure hidden.


ADB TIMES: Out of every ten companies accepted for study by the ADB board, We take one project per country and segment in order to be presented to international funds.


THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: When studying each company we like to observe the spirit of its owner, its vision to make the dream come true, each step in order to find out the Hidden treasure and take it beyond infinity.


DILIGENCE IN ADB: We invest our days, hours and minutes shopping and looking for the best company and the best project to achieve an extraordinary result based on our efforts and time invested.



COVERAGE: we have coverage in the United States, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Spain.



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Hours of operation: Monday to Friday: 8 am - 6 pm,

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14842 Braywood Trail, Orlando FI 32824

Oficina  +1(407) 432 -4588


Horario de atención: lunes a viernes:  8 am - 6 pm,

Hora este Estados Unidos, New York